You are Perfect

Dear Frankie One of the first questions I'm asked, when I tell people that I'm adopting, is "what kind of baby do you want?" And I immediately respond "whatever comes out" I know that this sounds like a very flippant answer, especially since this is my child I'm talking about, my family. But, to be honest, it's... Continue Reading →

Information Overload!

Today, Andy and I went to our first official meeting with our ADOPTION LAWYER!! It was a meet and great, we retained her, and started the ball rolling for our adoption journey. Let me tell you, the meeting was three hours, THREE HOURS!, and had so much great information in it. Not only did our lawyer... Continue Reading →

Becoming A Mother

Dear Frankie, Every now and then I wonder if I'm going to be a good mother. I mean, I was raised by a rather kick ass mother myself, so I know I have the actual parenting thing down pact. But I mean being a mother. Having patience and not being critical. I'm a naturally critical person.... Continue Reading →

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