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Food Treat: Brownie in a mug

You know those moments where you're so stressed that you need comfort? The moments when you need something sweet to make your day just a bit better? I have the perfect treat for you! A month or so ago, it was my husband's birthday. We had just gotten back from visiting his family, the start… Continue reading Food Treat: Brownie in a mug

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A Writer’s Notebook for my Writer’s Notebook

So, here's the thing. I've been reading a lot about writer's notebooks and how to utilize them. Apparently a writer's notebook is pretty significant...from what I've read, it helps keep track of everything from story ideas to character ideas and setting...people write dialogue in their notebooks and plot points. Now I have a writer's… Continue reading A Writer’s Notebook for my Writer’s Notebook

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The Not So Good Doctor

The Good Doctor...a show about an autistic young man who goes to medical school and becomes a resident, showing the world that a disability isn't disabling unless you make it hat way. Sounds awesome, right? I was rooting for this show, I really wanted it to be good. Being technically disabled myself, I like seeing… Continue reading The Not So Good Doctor

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Dirty, Flirty 30!

Today is my 30th birthday! I'm dirty, flirty and 30! To say that this birthday is a big one is an understatement. Turning thirty isn't just the typical milestone for me like it is for other people. Turning thirty is a goal that no one was always sure that I would reach. See, this is… Continue reading Dirty, Flirty 30!

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Coffee and Chit-Chat: It’s All Chaos

Hey everyone! Welcome to the first Coffee and Chit-Chat! I have to thank Perpetual Page Turner for the inspiration for this! She does a whole "if we were having coffee" series where she catches you up to everything that's going on in her life. Basically, this is the same type of deal. There's so much… Continue reading Coffee and Chit-Chat: It’s All Chaos

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A Wish, a Hope, A Dream

Dear Frankie, Right now you're not more than a wish. A hope. A dream. You are an angel, looking down from above, and the two of us are just waiting to meet each other. I'm not sure if you'll ever realize just how excited I am to meet you. Boy, or girl, it doesn't matter. I'm… Continue reading A Wish, a Hope, A Dream

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Becoming A Mother

Dear Frankie, Every now and then I wonder if I'm going to be a good mother. I mean, I was raised by a rather kick ass mother myself, so I know I have the actual parenting thing down pact. But I mean being a mother. Having patience and not being critical. I'm a naturally critical person.… Continue reading Becoming A Mother