My Days at the Races


Hey guys!

Last weekend, A and I went to the Maker’s Faire in Queens, NY. He entered two things into the fair and they both were accepted. A entered a drill powered mini bike (yes, it’s a mini bike that runs off a battery operated drill) and a Go Shopping Kart (That’s a shopping cart basked welded to a mini go kart. Oh yea, and you can ride it)

Here are some highlights from the Weekend:

The Mini Bike was just on display. It’s A’s pride and joy and he has worked endlessly to make it perfect.


How cool is that? It has metal plate on it and it drives really well. In fact, I even rode it yesterday to get it back to the car. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be to ride it (it was my first time riding a mini bike, period) and I was zipping all around.

A rode it around a little to show people what it could do:

And here’s a video of A racing his mini bike against another mini bike that was there. (Which was, also, ridden by a storm trooper every now and then)

A also entered his go kart. I wish I could say that this is the first Go Shopping Kart he’s made, but I can’t. He made another one, a bigger one, a few years ago. But this one that he made the past month, well that one is so much better than the first one!


Doesn’t he look so proud of this Go Kart? How adorable!

But he didn’t just enter it for people to look at it. A actually raced it. With other people who made go karts. It was like real life Mario Kart, except a lot more violent. These guys were hitting in to each other, trying to take each other out while they were also trying to win. A was the slowest one there, unfortunately. He had to go slowly because the wheels of the go kart were those stupid plastic wheels that had no traction. Every time A tried to turn, he spun out and had to turn around. So he decided to go slowly that way he couldn’t spin out. Unfortunately, going slow didn’t make him much of a contender in the race.

(Side note, I had a few more videos but Youtube is being difficult and can’t put them up 😦 I’m so sad about that.)

At first, people even though A was a joke – they didn’t take his racing seriously. Except when he kept going, even after getting hit, because his cart was made of metal. All metal.

A lot of the teams that were racing were pretty cool. Others sucked, to be honest. Some of them were too uptight, too serious about this race. I mean, I get it, you want to win and want to be noticed. But it’s not like you win anything except bragging rights. It’s all about having fun, in my opinion, and if you become too serious about it, how can you have fun? Seriously.

While we were there, I met the kid from battle bots. You know, the one from the MIT group with the cat ears? Here he is. He was…okay. But he didn’t stick around much: he fluttered between the races and somewhere else.


Then there was this Bad Ass chick, who was driving a barbie convertible. She was riding it like a Boss and stayed in either first or second place the whole time, with every race. Even when her car broke down, she fixed it and got right back on the road. It was awesome


At the end of the day, A was super happy that he went to Maker’s Faire and I’m happy that I got to join him. This is how it went:

  • Racing: 14th Place
  • Moxie Points (Crowd Favorite): 2nd Place
  • Overall Rank: 3rd Place

For his first ever race, he was AMAZING! I am so, so proud of him. I can’t wait until next year when we can do it again.


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