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Two Fall Favorite Foods

A couple of weeks ago, Andrew and I went to Virginia to see his family. We have two nephews and a niece that we can’t get enough of. Since it was Andy’s brother’s birthday, we trekked down to Virginia over Columbus day weekend.

(Side note, did you know that school’s aren’t considering Columbus day a school holiday anymore?! When I was in school, Columbus day was always a holiday!)

While we were there, we went apple picking on a mountain (Yes, on a mountain!) How gorgeous are these views:


I bought a bunch of apples and so I decided that I was going to make a couple of recipes that I found on Pintrest. I made Apple Crisp Stuffed Apples and Apple Cider. (Clearly I was feeling very ambitious when I decided to cook.

This is the loot of apples I got. The applies were HUGE, bigger than any ones I’ve gotten in the store.

The Apple Crisp came out divine! I tried the inside and it was so gooey (in a great way) and coated perfectly in the mixture.

The apples were super hard to carve out. I didn’t have a great melon baller or anything so I had to use a spoon and it was hard…really hard. That was one problem I had. I was only able to carve out half of the insides but it was enough to put the mixture inside.

I also had a little bit of trouble with the topping. I followed the instructions, mixing the flour and oats and cinnamon. But when they said to mix the butter in, it didn’t work well. I think if I melt it and poured it over the mixture on top, it might work better. A thought for another time.

I also made Apple Cider. I’ll admit, this recipe was a hot mess. As much as I was trying to follow it, the recipe itself wasn’t descriptive enough and somethings she suggested didn’t work. For example she told me to put enough water to cover the apples. I put about 12 cups:


It looked like enough water, and it was filled enough to cover most of the apples. So, I continued. In the instructions, it says you could either cook it on slow for 8 hours or high for 4. I decided high for 4. After it cooked, you’re supposed to be use a spoon (according to the recipe) to mash down the apples.

I used a spoon…and it didn’t work. Then I used a spatula…and it didn’t really work. I was able to mash it down a little but it ended up looking like a bit of a mess.


So not what I wanted it to look like. But I was this far, I knew I had to finish. So I drained it and made sure all the liquid I could get out was out. I used a pasta strainer because that’s what they said to use. After everything was said and done, it looked like this:

Sorry I didn’t have a better container to put it in!

I tasted it and it was…weak. It barely tasted like apples and it was almost like watered down apple juice. I was so disappointed. Ridiculously so because I LOVE apple cider and I wanted to have some.

I think the next time I make this, I’m going to cook it on low for 8 hours. I’m also going to use a food mill (the same kind of masher/strainer I make to use home made sauce) I mash it like that. Either that or a potato masher…though I think the food mill will be better and more useful.

Andy and my family raved about the apple crisp. In fact, I was asked to make some more for Thanksgiving. (though my sister asked if I could make it without the apple because supposedly she doesn’t like apples. <insert eye roll here>) I didn’t let anyone else try the apple cider because, myself, was so disappointed, I didn’t even want other people to tell me what they thought.

So, in the end:

Apple Crisp – 8 out of 10.

Apple Cider – 4 out of 10.

I will try both of thee recipes again, though, in another time.


Happy Cooking everyone!

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