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Book Review: Are You There, God? It’s Me, Margaret

are you there god Summary:

Margaret Simon, almost twelve, has just moved from New York City to the suburbs, and she’s anxious to fit in with her new friends. When she’s asked to join a secret club she jumps at the chance. But when the girls start talking about boys, bras, and getting their first periods, Margaret starts to wonder if she’s normal. There are some things about growing up that are hard for her to talk about, even with her friends. Lucky for Margaret, she’s got someone else to confide in . . . someone who always listens.

*          *          *

I found a copy of this book in a second hand bookstore in Virginia last year while going to my niece’s christening. I HAD to pick it up. Now I know all of you who are reading this, are probably wondering why an adult is reading about pre-teen girls and their periods.

This book…well it was the staple of my life when I was growing up. The book was passed down from my oldest sister to the middle sister and then to me. But, getting older and moving around, our copy disappeared. It was fate that I found this one and so I knew I had to have it.

Growing up, this is basically how I found out about my period and “becoming a woman.” My mother didn’t sit down and have a talk with us and, by the time I was old enough to need the talk, she had already been through it with my sisters so I kind of fended for myself.

I love how this book doesn’t just focus on Margaret’s period or whatnot. Though it’s talked about a lot, there’s also a lot of other things talked about, like boyfriends, friendships, family, and even religion. I especially like the talk about religion because, as kids we usually are brought up in the religion of our parents. We don’t have time to question it or look into anything else.

It was refreshing to see a book in which a character does this.

I also love how Margaret talks to God because, growing up, I did the same thing. I prayed and asked God what I should do when my life got hard. I prayed and asked God to keep me safe throughout all of my surgeries. God was my go-to guy just like he’s Margaret’s go-to guy.

I think this book is great for girls who are not quite teenagers but not kids either. It helps them understand that they’re questions have already been asked and their worries are worries of everyone at that age.

I know when I read this book, Margaret became someone I looked up to. Sure, she was just a character, but she was able to understand things and look at things in a different way, which taught me how to do that too.

This was my favorite book when I was younger, and is my favorite book now. I’ll always have a special place in my heart for Margaret and all of her worries.

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