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Mom’s Cooking, Brought Home!

A meal from my childhood! Well, okay, not really my childhood but from when I lived with my mother. Years ago, my mother was trying to emulate a recipe for Mongolian Beef that my sister makes. My mother wanted it badly but my sister didn’t want to make it so my mother tried.

Except somehow she managed to make some type of pepper steak. I really don’t think that this was the goal, but there it was. As per usual, my mother didn’t follow any instructions (and then you wonder how she managed NOT to make the meal she was ACTUALLY aiming for!) She put a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

And it came out amazing!

A year or so ago I asked her for the recipe…to which she promptly told me she didn’t have because she couldn’t remember how to make it and all that fun stuff.

Darn it!

I did what I always do and went on Pintrest to see if I can find something like it…or at least a base so maybe I can figure the rest out on my own. I found this post from South Your Mouth that seemed pretty much like what my mom did…except it used a gravy packet rather than boullion cubes and cornstarch. (I mean, a gravy packet is basically the same thing but mixed better…or so I’m told)

With a deep breath and a little bit of faith, I made it.

Oh. My. God. It was delicious. Spectacular. Like a party in my mouth. Now I’m not saying this to toot my own horn…I’m saying it because this recipe was spot on. It got the pepper steak taste with the perfect blend and NOTHING went wrong. It was thick and juicy and creamy.

It tasted just like my mother’s (though she uses boullion cubes and cornstarch but manages to figure out how to blend everything to perfection)

I honestly did a little dance when I had this because I was SO happy that I could have yet ANOTHER recipe from my childhood/growing up that I could make for Andy. Something I can share with him.

This is definitely an A+++

I can’t wait to try it again!

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