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You are Perfect

perfect-459230_1920Dear Frankie

One of the first questions I’m asked, when I tell people that I’m adopting, is “what kind of baby do you want?” And I immediately respond “whatever comes out”

I know that this sounds like a very flippant answer, especially since this is my child I’m talking about, my family.

But, to be honest, it’s the truth. I don’t care what type of child I get. Black, Asian, Hispanic, White, Boy, Girl. None of it matters to me as long as the baby, as long as you are healthy. As long as you grow the way you should, it doesn’t matter what ethnicity you are, or what gender.

You are a child who needs a loving home, and I am a woman who would love to have my own family. Seems pretty obvious that that’s all that’s needed. If I wanted to have a baby who looked like me, I would’ve gone through a whole different journey. But it’s not the skin tone, or gender, or even religion that makes a family. A family is made up of people who love each other. Who protect each other.

It makes me angry, when people ask that because, really, what is it any of their business? Why does it matter? You’re my child, my life and no one else needs to have any other day about it. And the people who actually about that kind of stuff? Well I don’t care about them. And, clearly, they aren’t the type of people who I should be associated with. Who you should be associated it.

I’m never going to put you near someone who won’t love you, and see you for who you really are…a perfect little baby. Perfect, you hear me? Everything about you is perfect and I know that without meeting you because, to me, you will always be perfect.

So I will continue to answer the way I do, until they realize that it just doesn’t matter. Not one bit. Nothing matters as long as you’re happy, healthy, and perfect.

Love Your (Future) Mom

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