Hooked On You

I started crocheting when I was thirteen years old. I was in Fashion class in eighth grade, and we were working on our final products – I had a choice between sewing something out of my own imagination, or crocheting. Back then, I completely sucked at sewing…seriously, I just couldn’t do it. I literally could not sew a straight line. Thus, I chose the most obvious choice and decided to crochet something.

I had to basically teach myself how to crochet because my teacher was right-handed and didn’t know how to teach me, a left-hander, how to crochet.

I think my first crocheting “project” was a headband…crocheted badly I might add. The hook was too thin and my stitches were too tight. But I managed to make something for my class and passed the semester.

It was ten years later when I picked up a crochet hook again. Let me tell you, it was like riding a bicycle. I bought some yarn and made a blanket…and then another. Soon I was crocheting again. This time, though, I was actually good at it! I learned how to read patterns and followed instructions.

I guess getting older helped my cause and I was able to become good at a craft!

Now, nearly twenty years later, I’m crocheting almost regularly. I try and crochet things for my friends and family, for big events like births of babies, or birthdays, and the like.

In 2018, I’m branching out with my crocheting; I’m starting to crochet some more and try my hand at new and creative things. I have all this yarn around, thanks to my sister and my inablility to keep from buying it, I might as well put it to good use!

Crocheting is another creative outlet for me; I love making things for people and I love trying new patterns. I hope, though, that I can share my love, and talent, with everyone else.


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