Baking and Playing


Dear Frankie,

Today I spent a couple of hours baking Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies for Andrew. As I mixed ingredients, and made a mess, I wondered what it would be like if it wasn’t just for Andrew that I was baking.

When I was growing up, my mother always baked for us; usually she would make zeppoles (her specialty) but there were times where she made cookies and cupcakes for us. This was especially true when it came to birthdays at school.

I remember waking up early to help my mother make the zeppoles. I mean, I was up at 5 helping her. The only thing I would really do would be put sugar on them, but it was still helping and we were allowed to taste test. I would eat four or five before school, and then even more at school. If there was any left after school, I would shove those in my mouth. My mother never complain though. In fact, I think she liked watching us devour the food that she made for us.

And we loved her even more for it.

I realized that I can’t wait to bake for you. I can’t wait to make the cupcakes and cookies for your class. I can’t wait to get you a little apron and a step stool so you can bake with me. Our kitchen right now is small, just enough, and I know we’ll be on top of each other. But, still, I can’t wait. I can’t wait to watch you eat the dough off the beaters, or shake flour out of your head.

We would dance around the kitchen, playing and laughing as we baked the cookies and then frosted them. There would be music playing and pajamas on. As the cookies were baking we would cuddle up and watch a movie, and then there would be more decorating.

I wouldn’t even care about the mess.

Love your (future) Mom

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