My Medical Life

This is me after one hospital stint or another

I have, what you call, an invisible illness. It’s called VACTERL Association.

Rare Diseases explains VACTERL as so:

  • (V) = (costo-) vertebral abnormalities
  • (A) = anal atresia
  • (C) = cardiac (heart) defects
  • (TE) = tracheal-esophageal abnormalities, including atresia, stenosis and fistula
  • (R) = renal (kidney) and radial abnormalities
  • (L) = (non-radial) limb abnormalities

Thanks to this condition, I have had 28 surgeries including 2 heart surgeries and 2 back surgeries. I spent most of my childhood shuttled between doctors and hospitals, getting poked and prodded until I was nothing but a pin cushion.

But this condition hasn’t broken me yet…if anything, it has made me stronger and more determined to live life the way want.