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You are Perfect

Dear Frankie One of the first questions I'm asked, when I tell people that I'm adopting, is "what kind of baby do you want?" And I immediately respond "whatever comes out" I know that this sounds like a very flippant answer, especially since this is my child I'm talking about, my family. But, to be honest, it's… Continue reading You are Perfect

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Baking and Playing

Dear Frankie, Today I spent a couple of hours baking Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies for Andrew. As I mixed ingredients, and made a mess, I wondered what it would be like if it wasn't just for Andrew that I was baking. When I was growing up, my mother always baked for us; usually she would make… Continue reading Baking and Playing

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Holiday Fun

  Dear Frankie, The past couple of weeks, Andrew and I have been cleaning up the house after the holidays. We put away the tree, the stockings, and finally, Andrew went on a ladder to take off the lights in the house. As we were doing that, I couldn't help but to imagine what it's… Continue reading Holiday Fun

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Pop it!

A couple of weeks ago, I had a dream and in my dream, I made popovers. I didn't even know I even knew what popovers were but in my dream I made them and they were delicious. I woke up and I wanted to make Popovers. In fact, I couldn't stop thinking about them...they were invading my… Continue reading Pop it!

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While I was carousing around on blogs, I started reading a lot of blogs about picking a word to go by for the year. So there weren't real resolutions, just a promise to try to live a life based on one single word you chose. It seemed like a very interesting concept...and something that I… Continue reading RISE

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2018, the year of “Eh, we’ll see what happens”

Happy 2018! Recently, my boss at my day job revealed that she got another position and would be leaving within a month. Before that, though, she promised to help me, and my associate with our new positions as Human Resources Specialists. She said she would help see us through the hard parts and basically be… Continue reading 2018, the year of “Eh, we’ll see what happens”

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2018: Stop Chasing and Start Living

So, last week I applied for a promotion at my job; I wasn't sure I wanted it but I knew that I would never actually get it if I didn't apply for it. Then, last Monday there were interviews, which I completely forgot about. I got so involved in Christmas stuff and baking that I… Continue reading 2018: Stop Chasing and Start Living